Continuing Education: Course Descriptions

10 Hour OSHA

Many general contractors have deemed this course required training for all personnel on their jobsites.  Safe jobsite work practices and regulations will be covered and a 10 Hour OSHA certification will be issued to those completing all class sessions.

100% X-Ray Fit Up

This course will help you develop skills to bevel cut carbon steel pipe manually to 37 degrees using oxy/acetylene gases.  You will also learn the following skills:

  • Cut carbon pipe using H&M auto beveling pipe machine to 37 degrees
  • Close tolerance in layout of piping blueprints
  • Use & Care of pins, levels and high/low gauges
  • Proper prep in grinding pipe surfaces
  • Proper grinding of taks and root beads

This class will last approximately 6 nights or until the member can pass a fit-up test.  PRE-REQUISITE:  Torch Basics for Oxy/Acetylene.

2009 Plumbing Code Update

Course description coming soon...

8 Hour Cal/OSHA Recertification

The Hazwoper standard requires annual refresher training.  This course satisfies that need by providing a a general review of the procedures pertaining to hazadous work, as well as highlighting any updated information and relating actual jobsite experiences.

Advanced BACnet Programming

Description coming soon...

PRE-REQUISITE: BACnet Programming

Air & Water Balance Basics

Description coming soon...

AutoCAD Detailer Certificate Series

Members will be awarded an AutoCAD Detailer Certificate upon completion of a series of courses:

Series 1:  Blueprint Reading

Series 2:  Isometric Drawing & Drafting Skills

Series 3:  Computer Skills

Series 4:  AutoCAD Basics

Series 5:  AutoCAD 3D

Series 6:  AutoCAD 3D Fabrication

AutoCAD Level II

This course examines the more advanced capabilities of AutoCAD drafting software as applied to two-dimensional CAD piping drawing production.  Subjects include external file referencing, menu customization, and model space/paper space layout techniques.  In addition, the student is introduced to the three-dimensional CAD environment and the creation of three-dimensional piping methods utilizing QuickPen Pipe Designer 3D software. PRE-REQUISITE: AutoCAD Level I/Detailer.

AutoCAD Level III

This course explores creation of three-dimensional piping models using AutoCAD drafting software along with CAD Mech 3D modeling software.  Techniques necessary for working within the 3D CAD environment, including best practices in using CAD Mech 3D software are investigated.  Application of 3D piping models for piping installation, including pre-fabrication and data management will also be covered.

Backflow Prevention

This journeylevel course is designed to give classroom instruction and hands-on training in the installation, service, repair and testing of commercial and industrial backflow prevention devices. The goal of this class is certification as a backflow device tester.

BACnet Intro

This course is designed for journeylevel HVACR Service Techs and Controls Installer who desire a better understanding of BACnet concepts and applications.  The course will provide an overview of BACnet principals and Johnson Controls BACnet products.  Students will utilize product trainers with dedicated laptops and will be exposed to basic computer/programming functions.  This course builds the foundation for BACnet programming.

BACnet Programming

This course covers basic programming of Johnson FEC and VMA controllers utilizing Q&A strategies and side loop additions taught from a service technicians point of view.  Topics will include:

  • Johnson CCT Software Overview
  • Database Management Techniques
  • Base Template Creation
  • Hardware Selection and I/O Assignment
  • Overview of Configuration, Simulation and Commissioning Modes

Students will utilize three Johnson Controls trainers with dedicated laptops in practical labs throughout htis course.  PRE-REQUISITE:  BACnet Intro.

CFC Certification

This course will focus on the safe and legal aspects of refrigerant handling.  Topics will include charging, transportation, recycling and recovery of Chlorofluoro Carbon materials.  Federal EPA requirements will be extensively covered in order to prepare the mechanic for universal certification issued by the UA.  This course is open to both journeylevel mechanics and apprentices and requires pre-registration in order to qualify for testing.  You must fill out a CFC application request at least 2 weeks before class begins.

Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

This course is intended for students who wish to learn skills in Leadership and Conflict Resolution in the Commercial & Industrial Construction Industry.  This class will empower you to understand business practices and communication styles that will allow you to increase productivity, mitigate risk and manage others effectively.  This class will be taught in an interactive learning community environment consisting of lecture and role play.  You will work individually, in partners, and with groups.  This class will bring you alive after a long day of work and challenge you to explore how to handle conflict with a positive outcome.

County Competancy Code Review

This course will proved the you with a review of the currently enfored edition of Uniform Plumbing Code.  Chapters related to drainage, venting, potable water and fuel gas systems will be convered with emphasis on sizing and system design.

Cross Connection Control Specialist

This course will prepare the certified backflow tester for the next level of certification, Cross Connection Control Specialist.  The certified Cross Connection Control Specialist has the ability to perform cross connection site surveys, assess the degrees of cross connection hazards, and determine the appropriate methods of protection,  PRE-REQUISITE:  Current AWWA Certification as atester of backflow prevention devices.

Industrial Rigging Techniques

This course will cover best rigging practices and the proper setup and handson use of rigging equipment.  This class is designed to prepare journey persons to successfully perform the rigging procedures that are required in the UA/EPRI practical examination.  This class is a recommended prerequisite to the UA/EPRI Industrial Rigging Certification course.

Intro to DDC Controls

This course provides an overview of Building automation as it applies to our specific and related trades.  Topics of discussion to include:  history, general control theory, applications, installation practices, and basic testing/commissioning techniques.  The class will be taught with an emphasis on Solid State, Electronic, and DDC Controls/Devices.  Live demonstrations/practice sessions, and modern illustrated text books will be provided.

Johnson Controls NAE Basics

In this course you will learn the following:

  • Quickly troubleshoot a building from the front end
  • Set up alrms, paging, trends and more
  • How to document your findings to present to a customer
  • Hardware basics on in-class trainers
  • Class will view a live system

Johnson DX9100

This course covers the DX9100 and the N30 Supervisory Controller.  Instruction will include hardware, software and commissioning aspects of the DX9100.  We will also provide an overview of the N30 Supervisory Controller.  Students will learn how to add alarms, trends, interlocks, and controllers through the use of VTG100.

Johnson DX9100 - ADVANCED

This class will begin with an overview of process modules and PLC Codes to give the students a better understanding in this specialized field.  The class will then move into writing programs based on sequencing of operation from student input.  Students must bring in their own laptop and must have M-Tool software.

Johnson N30 Supervisor

This course provides an overview of the Johnson N30 Supervisor and its capabilities including:  Hardware connections/via com and Ethernet ports, Basic setup configurationa nd via VT 100 Terminal Emulation, JCI Project Builer software, Integration of N2 Controllers such as UNT< VMA and DX9100 controllers.  Basic object programming such as Time Scheduling, Trending, Tantalization, Alarms, Global Dta Sharing, Interlocks and Signal selects will also be covered.

Johnson UNT/VMA

This course covers the UNT & VMA Series Controllers and the N30 Supervisory Controller.  Instruction will include hardware and software, commissioning aspects of the UNT & VMA.  We will also provide an overview of the N30 Supervisory Controller.  Students will learn how to add alarms, trends, interlocks, and controllers through the use of VT100.

Medical Gas Installer

The instruction in this course will focus on the proper procedures and requirements needed to successfully install medical Gas Piping Systems.  Topics will include:  vacuum system requirements, procedures for installing copper tube and fittings, brazing procedures and to pre and post purge requirements in order to certify as a Medical Gas Installer/Brazer.


Description coming soon...

Orbital Welding

This course will cover the proper setup of the various orbital welding power sources and accessories.  Included will be the calibration of weld heads, proper joint preparations and variables affecting weld quality.  The mechanic will learn how to develop weld schedules and perform calculations on ARC Machines' Tube Welder, Model #107, Model #207 and Swagelok M100.  The course goal is to prepare the member for certification.

Operation & Maintenance of Centrifugal Water chillers

A study of the principles of centrifugal compressors, refrigerants used, lubrication methods, and capacity controls.  the essential associated devices such as starters and purge units will be discussed in detail.  The journey members will also be informed of the design and operation fundamentals of centrifugal water chillers using both single and multistage compressors.

Plumbing Service & Repair

This course will concentrate on the current methods of servicing and repairing the following:  flushometer valves, tank type toilets, faucets of all kinds and types, dishwashers, garbage disposals and all types of plumbing fixtures used in residential and commercial plumbing.

Project Management

This class will consist of lecture, group discussion, hands-on exercises and small group projects.  The course will have minimal homework, therefore attendance is crucial.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Invitation to Bid
  • Estimating
  • Request for Information
  • Proposal Letters
  • Plans
  • Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Submittals
  • LEED
  • Lean
  • Networking
  • Construction Technology

R-410A Safety Training & Testing

This course covers critical points that service technicians must understand to properly service commercial air conditioning equipment utilizing R-410A refrigerant.

S.T.A.R. Review - Plumbing

This course will help you study and prepare for the UA STAR exam for Plumbers.  this comprehensive mastery exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions covering all aspects of the plumbing craft.  Those successfully completing the exam will be awarded 30 college credits toward an Associate Degree through Washtenaw Community College.

S.T.A.R. Review - Refrigeration

This course will help you study and prepare for the UA STAR exam for HVACR.  This comprehensive mastery exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions covering all aspects of the refrigeration craft.  Those successfully completing the exam will be awarded 30 college credits toward an Associate Degree through Washtenaw Community College.

S.T.A.R. Review - Steamfitting

This course will help you study and prepare for the UA STAR exam for Steamfitters.  This comprehensive mastery exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions covering all aspects of the steamfitting craft.  Those successfully completing the exam will be awarded 30 college credits toward an Associate Degree through Washtenaw Community College.

Start, Test & Balance

Description coming soon...

Torch Basics for Oxy-Acetylene

Basic torch and pipe preparation skills:  cutting, beveling and grinding.

Trane Intellipak

This course is designed to provide comprehensive coverge of the Trane IntelliPak rooftop.  Topics covered include:  understanding of IntelliPak refrigeration cycle; understanding of VAV airflow properties, dynamics & adjustments; gain an understanding of VFD operation, setup and checkout of TRAQ sensors; demonstrate ability of properly configure and setup IntelliPak control systems; apply maintenance/service schedule procedures.

Sokkia/Trimble Total Robotic Station

In this course students will be trained in the setup and use of the Sokkia and Trimble Robotic Total Stations.  They will learn how to perform layout of complex piping systems with extreme precision and accuracy.  This course consists of 4 hours of classroom training followed by an additional 4 hour session of hands-on training in the layout and placement of pipe hangers and sleeves.

UA Green Systems Awareness

The current green movement has become the driving force behind the way we operate our companies and seek new business opportunities.  The Green Awareness Training and Certification program has been developed to help ensure ALL your company employees understand this new and emerging trend and all new terminology, equipment, technologies and concepts associated with "green".  Special emphasis is also focused on the specification, purchase and application of energy efficient products.  Specifications on many upcoming Green Building projects may require that up to 25% of the employees of participating contractors be Green Awareness Trained.  Upon successful completion of this program and assessment, participants will receive certification "Green Systems Awareness."

UA/EPRI Industrial Rigging Certification

This course provides third party recognition of the personnel qualifications of UA Riggers.  Best rigging practices, calculations and the proper set-up and use of rigging equipment will be covered.  Both written and hands-on certification exams will be administered.

UA/MCA Foreman Certification

The UA and MCA recognize the need for effective job site leadership and supervision.  This course has been developed to introduce current and potential foreman to topics that are critical in the workplace.  The course will focus on the importance of Leadership, Commitment, People Skills, and Teamwork.  The student will also gain insights on effective Task Organization, Communications and Job Productivity.

UA/NCCO Signalperson Certification

This course provides third party recognition of the personnel qualifications of a UA Signalperson.  This course covers all the pertinent rules specified in OSHA Federal Regulation 29 CFR Part 1926 - Cranes and Derricks in Construction and will also cover theoretical and practical components of signaling.  A Signalperson Practical exam will be administered.

Uniform and California Plumbing Codes

This course will provide the mechanic with a review of the most current Plumbing Codes.  This course content will be centered on the interpretation, usage and enforcement as interpreted by the City of San Jose Plumbing Inspection Department.

Union Heritage

This course is designed to introduce our members to the rich history of the United Association (UA) and the American Labor Movement.  Students will learn about Local #393's early beginnings and our role in the growth of Silicon Valley.  An introduction to the UA's Standard for Excellence will also be included.

UPC/County Competency Preparation

This course will provide the experienced journeyperson with a review of the currently enforced edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code.  Chapters related to drainage, venting, potable water and fuel gas systems will be covered with emphasis on sizing and system design.

Variable Air Volume (VAV)

This workshop is designed to look at the VAV concept and its relationship to building airflow.

Vairable Frequency Drives

This class will cover VFD theory and operation, HVAC applications, energy saving software, installation, programming and troubleshooting.

VFD:  Basics & Theory

An introductory look into Variable Frequency Drives with an overview of basic electrical and motor theory.  This session will examine how a VFD operates, harmonic distortion, considerations necessary for installation,  and a look at drive options to deliver the best performance.

VFD:  Programming & Troubleshooting

A hands-on session that trains students how to interact with, and operate a Variable Frequency Drive.  During the programming section, students will set up a VFD exactly as it would be done in the installation process using the drive's  Electronic Operator Interface (EOI).  Students will also perform six programming labs including the Monitor lab and PID Setup lab.  In the second half of this session, students are given real-life troubleshooting scenarios that they would experience in the field, and are asked to identify and resolve the issues.

Welding (ARC, MIG, & TIG)

This welding course is designed to provide the member with the proper instruction and practice in ARC, MIG and TIG Welding.  The course goal is to prepare the member for certification on carbon steel and stainless steel pipe.



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